Language Exchange

Hello everyone.
I'd like to talk about Language Exchange.

I study English conversation using Language Exchange via Skype.
Currently, I have partners of six different countries, e.g., USA, St. Lucia, New Zealand, Australia, Kyoto (from USA), and Vietnam.

Language Exchange is ruled by "Give and Take".
It takes 30 minutes per call.
We learn English and Japanese and each take about 15 minutes.

In the English case, we use a textbook with the "Sankei Online English Conversation".
I send a textbook file to the other person via Skype.
Then, we do role playing, exercises, and pronunciation practices.

In the Japanese case, for example, a young woman in St. Lucia sent me comic files of "Chibi Maruko chan" via Skype.
She learns Japanese honorifics by this.
She reads words of the comics and I teach her pronunciations, intonations, and several meanings.

She works for a trading company in the computer department.
We talk twice a week.

To talk to each in our native languages, Language Exchange is a wonderful language learning method.

Thank you.



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Autumn Festival Celebrating Harvest

Hello everyone.
I'd like to talk about an autumn festival celebrating the harvest.

On Sunday (October 21, 2018), in the after noon, I went to an autumn festival place.
The place was a big parking lot at a mall.
I took 30 minutes to get there by bus and on foot.
When I arrived, already many people had gathered.
First, three "Danjiri" were pulled with a lot of people and arrived it.
Next, A lot of people carried a "Mikoshi" and it arrived.
The people who gathered gave it a big applause.

The Danjiri is a wooden car with four wheels.
It was decorated with many paper lanterns.
A lot of children were in the car.
They were hitting a bell and a drum.
Many men and women pulled it.

The Mikoshi is like a portable wooden shrine.
The portable shrine was colored gold.
On the top it was decorated with a golden color Chinese phoenix.
Many people were wearing jackets called "Happi" and they were carrying the Mikoshi on their shoulders.

In addition a group of young people were playing drums.
People were excited.
I had a wonderful time.

Thank you.







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As far as + sv, ….

Make sentences using the following phrases.

1. As far as + sv, ….
As far as I know, it is very delicious.
It is beautiful as far as the eye can see.
As far as I eat, it is very soft.

2. As long as + sv, ….
As long as you hurry, you can catch the bus.
As long as you leave soon, you can meet her.
As long as you focus on it, you can get it.

3. … as soon as + sv.
As soon as I took bus, it departed.
As soon as I went out, it began raining.
As soon as I got to bed I felt sleepy.

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my Vegetable Garden

Hello everyone.
I'd like to talk about my vegetable garden.

There is a vegetable garden in my yard.
It is in a small flower bed.
My wife sowed many seeds of several vegetables in mid-September.
After one week, all seeds sprouted.
Then one month later, all vegetables have been growing up smoothly.

We have several vegetables such as:
- Carrots
- Japanese Radishes
- Spinach
- Chinese Cabbages
and many more.
As far as I see pictures, these are difficult to distinguish.

There are a few flowers beside the group of vegetables.
Cosmoses are in full bloom.
Torenias and Begonias are also blooming.

I am looking forward to seeing my vegetables grow even more.
Young leaves can be harvested soon.
Eating home-grown vegetables is wonderful.

Thank you.

Vegetable garden1

Vegetable garden2

Vegetable garden3

Vegetable garden4

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Next time ~, ….

Make sentences using the following phrases.

1. Next time ~, ….
Next time we meet, I will bring a souvenir for you.
Next time I go to a park, I will drive my new car.
Next time we eat out, we will go to a gorgeous restaurant.

2. Every time ~, ….
Every time I listen to English lessons on the radio, I fall asleep quickly.
Every time I go to a supermarket, I buy a bunch of bananas.
Every time I use my computer, I talk to myself.

3. Last time ~, ….
Last time I saw him, he said he will be married in six months.
Last time I ate a cake, there were many cakes on the table.
Last time I went there, nobody was there.

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"Kintaro" Became a Samurai

Hello everyone.

I'd like to talk about Samurai Kintoki Sakata.
This story is from the end of the 10th century to the beginning of the 11th century.

●"Kintaro" was very strong boy.
A boy called "Kintaro" has lived on Ashigara mountain.
Ashigara mountain is in Oyama cho, Shizuoka prefecture.
Kintaro was a very strong boy and he had done sumo with a bear and had played by running with deer and monkeys.

One day, when he walked with some animals, they were obstructed by a river.
There was no bridge over the river, so they could not cross the river.
When the animals were in trouble, he brought down a big tree standing on the river side, he handed the tree to the river and made a bridge.
These animals happily crossed the bridge.
A samurai who was watching it called Kintaro and said "Let's do arm wrestling."
Kintaro did arm wrestle with that samurai and won.
That person was a samurai in Kyoto, looking around the country for a strong person.

●"Kintaro" became a samurai.
In the Heian period, when Kintaro was 21 years old, he was found by military commander Yorimitsu Miyamoto, he went to Kyoto.
After that, Kintoki became a great samurai called Kintoki Sakata.
So Kintoki Sakata became the four heavenly kings of Yorimitsu Mimamoto with Tsuna Watanabe, Sadamitsu Usui, and Suetake Urabe.

●In Shoo cho, "Kintoki" is buried in "Kurigara Shrine."
When mobs invaded Kyushu Hakata; west of Japan, Yorimitsu headed for it to conquer with Tsuna Watanabe, Sadamitsu Usui, Suetake Urabe, and Kintoki Sakata.
On the way to Kyushu Hakata from Kyoto, they stopped by the current shoo cho.
At this time, Kintoki had a serious fever illness and they were carefully nursed, but Kintoki died.
Yorimitsu gently buried Kintoki on the hill of Shoo cho.
The present, the place where he was buried is "Kurikara Shrine" in Shoo cho, Okayama prefecture.

By the way, I grew up in this town.
These are some pictures I took on site.
In this town, people hold events called "Kintoki Matsuri" about this story every year.

That concludes my story.
Thank you for listening.

Military commander: Yorimitsu Mimamoto(948~1021)
Four heavenly kings: Tsuna Watanabe
Sadamitsu Usui
Suetake Urabe
Kintoki Sakata (Childhood name: Kintaro)(956~1012)





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