Q&A about Housing

1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
I've been living in this house in the countryside for 27 years.

2. How many different housings have you lived in?
I have lived 7 different housings.

3. Would you live in a small housing or big housing?
I'd like to live in a big housing.

4. Which do you think is better: renting a house or buying one?
It is better to buying a house than renting a house.

5. What do you look for when finding a new place to live?
I will look for a quiet place.

6. Which is better: or living in the countryside?
It is better to live in the countryside than in the city.

7. What do you think housing in the future would look like?
Japanese traditional architecture will soon disappear and will be changed to modern buildings.

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Apartment, Transfer, Rent

Make some sentences using the following words.

1. apartment
I don't like to live in an apartment.

2. transfer
I seldom transfer the furniture in my house.

3. rent
I used to rent a house when I was in my thirties.

4. storey
I live in a 2-storey house.

5. location
I love the location in the countryside.

6. countryside
It can enjoy the four seasons in the countryside where I live.

7. eco-friendly
Not using plastics in the supermarket is one of the eco-friendly ways we can do.

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Q&A about Health

Q&A about Health

1. Do you think your present lifestyle is healthy?
Yes, I do.

2. What do you think are the things that make you stay healthy?
The most important thing is having a healthy diet.

3. How often do you work out?
I go to group exercise once a week, and sometimes I go walking.

4. Do you watch what you eat?
Yes, I do. It is a vegetable-based meal.

5. How often do you experience stress?
Sometimes, I have frustration on some things two to three times a week.

6. What do you think is the most serious health problem in your country?
The most common cause of death is cancer.

7. What do you think prevents many people from having a healthy lifestyle?
It is dementia.

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Lifestyle, Improvement, Membership

Make some sentences using the following words.

1. lifestyle
Your life will change according to your lifestyle.

2. improvement
There was an improvement in my eating habits, that resulted to my hair to become black again.

3. membership
I am proud of having a membership of the club.

4. regularly
I regularly receive medical examinations.

5. obesity
I think most obesity cases come from fastfood.

6. diabetes
Diabetes is caused by being overweight and lack of exercise.

7. avoid
Because I have a cold, I avoid going out.

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Q&A about Health

1. Do you think you are healthy?
yes, I do.

2. How often do you exercise?
I go to group exercise once a week, and sometimes I go walking.

3. What is your diet like?
I eat healthy food everyday.

4. How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
I usually sleep 8 hours every night.

5. What things do you do that might damage your health?
I don't think too much about things that might worry me.

6. Do you think that being happy makes you healthy?
Yes, I do.

7. Some people live to 100 years or more. What do you think is the secret behind it?
I don't know.

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Check-up, Hospitalize, Prevent

Make some sentences using the following words.

1. check-up
I have a regular check-up once a year.

2. hospitalize
I have never been hospitalized in my life.

3. prevent
Drive your car under the speed limit to help prevent an accident.

4. serious
I seldom have a serious illness.

5. illness
The elderly may develop a serious illness.

6. vice
I think smoking is a vice.

7. behind
Behind the health care, there is a happy life.

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Q&A about The Elderly

1. What age do you want to live to?
I want to live to be age of 85.

2. How is the growing number of the elderly affecting your country?
The government is offering a variety of services to assist the elderly in Japan.

3. How does your city or town assist the elderly?
The kind of support is various.

4. Are you afraid of getting old?
No, I am not. I am enjoying my elderly life right now.

5. Do you think that older people are better leaders? Why do you think so?
I don't think so. I think that young people should be given a chance to expand their capabilities.

6. What kind of advice do you think the elderly would give to the young?
Working well with other people without conflict or war.

7. What kind of things could elderly people do to be more productive in society?
Elderly people could watch over and guide the young people.

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View, Advice, Due to

Make some sentences using the following words.

1. view
He was viewed as a competent employee before retiring.

2. advice
Every student is seeking a piece of suitable advice from the tutor.

3. due to
He was late due to oversleeping.

4. facility
Japan, which has entered an aging society, has facilities all around the country.

5. privilege
Elderly people in Japan have the privilege of 90% off of thier medical expenses.

6. productive
We can not expect elderly people to be as productive as before.

7. society
A family is the foundation of a society.

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